10 Kinds of People you meet in Apartments

Socializing is an in-built necessity for us Indians. When it comes to a homely environment, that crave for socializing is multiplied tenfold. Apartments are becoming the chosen style of living amongst most modern families, as they are considered to be a whole lot safer, with a decent proximity to prime locations around the city. Apartments can also bring together a mixed bag of communities, each with their own personalities, traits, annoyances and benefits. Here are 10 classic characters you are bound to come across in your everyday friendly-neighbourhood apartment life.

The Pet Lovers

Not just the lonely woman with 9 cats cliche; these neighbours could be found with a range of animals at home. While they can be fun to hangout with, you may have to lookout for an overly friendly dog or unsuspecting cat.

The Fun Gang

If you spot a bunch of college goers next door, this category is sure to fall into their style of living. While it could lead to a few sleepless nights thanks to all the loud music, getting friendly with them can really do wonders. After all,these people know how to live it up and can turn your boring or tiresome days into fun hangout sessions.

The Happy Family

You’ve hit the jackpot if your neighbour happens to be one of these kinds of people. Always beaming and generally happy to help, neighbours who have happy families, young or old, can be a real boon to have around.

The Peeping Toms

Curious much, you could catch these neighbours with their eagle eye poses and occasional binoculars. Even if you’re living in another block, these types of people always seem to pinpoint your location. Thank God for blinders.

The Noisy Ones

Prepare for some soundproofing, these neighbours have complete disregard for the fact that they are living around other people. Whether it’s their cranky kids, TV volume turned up high or just plain loudmouths, it’s going to be next to impossible trying to silence these folks.

The Careless Ones

The kind that can indirectly create cause for concern, careless people tend to ignore simple acts such as closing the lift door, turning off the water taps, paying maintenance bills or just simply maintaining a clean home. While it’s still good to know them, avoid any lending and borrowing.

The Gossipmongers

Got two homemakers living on opposite ends of each other? Grab your popcorn! This ever-present category of neighbours will have endless hours of rather pointless conversation. So full of themselves and their families, you’ll find these kinds of people always competing in a game of bragging rights with topics that stretch from house decorum to personal and family achievements.

 The Elusive Ones

“Catch me if you can” would be their doormat sign. These are the ones whom you can never be sure when and where to catch a glimpse of. They either spend most of the time outside of home or rarely step out. If you do happen to meet them, it would only last for a few seconds with a simple “hello” and “goodbye”.

The Guy/Girl Next Door

Having that super attractive neighbour next door can really liven up your day to day routine. Just don’t get too carried away with how fun and charming they can be and end up giving your WiFi password!

The Big Shots

They have what everyone else has, only better. From fancy to expensively decorated interiors, the big shots live the way they please. They may be entrepreneurs or very well paid employees, so getting to know them better can play very well for you in the professional front.


No matter which category you fall under or which one you’re most likely to find near you, Arihant Foundation Apartments has a home waiting to be furnished with your personality.

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