10 Kinds of People you meet in Apartments

Socializing is an in-built necessity for us Indians. When it comes to a homely environment, that crave for socializing is multiplied tenfold. Apartments are becoming the chosen style of living amongst most modern families, as they are considered to be a whole lot safer, with a decent proximity to prime locations around the city. Apartments can also bring together a mixed bag of communities, each with their own personalities, traits, annoyances and benefits. Here are 10 classic characters you are bound to come across in your everyday friendly-neighbourhood apartment life.


7 Reasons why Perambur is the perfect place to live

With more and more people preferring to live inside the city for comfort and convenience, the residential projects in the city are in high demand.

With real estate prices in central and south Chennai being comparatively higher, buyers are now looking at areas in west and north Chennai, such as Perambur for buying their new homes. With state-of-the-art infrastructure and connectivity to major locations in Chennai, Perambur has become one of the best places to own a home. Still not convinced? Here are more reasons.